Information about claming and returnig keys, booking a parking space and reserving sauna

Contact details for the locksmith’s business
Certego Oy
Launeenkatu 70, 15610 Lahti
tel. +358 10 700 711

Opening hours for claiming and returning keys

The keys can be collected from the locksmith at no charge on the first day of the agreement term, Monday–Friday 8 am–4 pm.

If the keys are collected during on-call hours (Monday–Friday 4–9 pm or Saturday–Sunday 10 am–2 pm), a fee of 141.36 euros is charged. The collection of keys during on-call hours must be agreed in advance with the locksmith.

If the change of month falls on a weekend, a national holiday, or the eve of a national holiday, the locksmith’s service is provided free of charge on the first and the last day of the month between 10 am and 2 pm.

The customer must confirm his or her identity when picking up the keys. If a person other than the tenant picks up the keys, that person must present a proxy form.

Returning the keys

The keys to the apartment, parking space, and mailbox must be returned to the locksmith’s business. The person returning the keys may request a receipt confirming their return. The keys must be originals approved by the company. A locksmith will inspect the keys upon receipt.

If the company’s office is closed, the keys—with the tenant’s name and address indicated—can be returned via the designated box beside the door, no later than on the last day of the lease agreement.

A fee of 87 euros will be charged for collection of any keys left in the apartment. If you leave the keys in the apartment, please notify the Lahden Talot maintenance service before moving. Otherwise, the locks must be rekeyed, and the costs will be charged to the tenant.

This also applies in cases of moving to another of the lessor’s apartments.

Ordering additional keys

Making further copies of the keys is possible only through the maintenance service, tel. +358 3 851 570.

Booking a parking space and reserving the sauna

Parking spaces and sauna slots can be reserved by phone +358 3 851 570 or email

Parking spaces and sauna slots for the student apartments listed below can be reserved by using Extranet (link).
• Ruopankatu 1–3
• Mikonkatu 3
• Helkalankatu 7
• Borupinraitti 4
• Laaksokatu 16A, 18B, 20
• Mikonkatu 3